reBourne Genève


reBourne Genève is a sleak contemporary cottage surrounded by beautifull Swiss mountains scenery . Rustic interiors, lots of light, dramatic shadows, natural wood tones and floor to ceiling windows characterize this reBourne home and form the ideal break from formality.
This romantic getaway cottage has clean modern lines and is beautifully textured with large rooms replete with slatted blinds.
The fresh open spaces with large rotating slatted doors of the house invite guests to relax and linger.  With features such as an animated pool on the large stone sun deck behind the house and a high quality animated couple shower reBourne Geneve is the ideal hide away in Second-life. 

Genève comes in 2 versions:
PREMIUM (with animations and home control)
BASIC (no animations and no home control). 

Footprint & Land Impact:
Premium version Skybox Resizable 30m /45m /65m | Li 127
Ground version premium house : 23m x28m | Li 124
Basic Version skybox : 50m x 50m | Li 126
Ground version basic house : 23m x28m | Li 123

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